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YES - we have a new name, but our commitment
to our client's correctional education needs, and
to developing quality correctional education
materials remains the same…

The Correctional Education company, founded by Errol Craig Sull in 1990, produces correctional educational materials and programs that are used extensively in correctional institutions and community organizations throughout the United States.

Our specialty is in assisting inmates & ex-inmates, as well as youthful offenders, make the successful transition from the inside to the outside with an approach that is results- and action-oriented. Quite simply, we develop our materials and training with the goal of how to most efficiently and successfully assist the client in being adequately prepared to make it on the outside.

The programs and materials we design engage the user to assure full understanding of processes, and to assure that he or she understands the basic premise of being responsible for his or her actions in getting a desired result.

Theory-designed materials are great , but we are more interested in what we call reality-based education, i.e., practical and pragmatic how tos that are going to ensure success if applied both correctly and with a focused effort.

Our correctional education materials and programs include books, videos, and seminars -- all with one goal in mind: getting inmates, youthful offenders, and ex-inmates to be productive members of society. We believe this is a real possibility for everyone that is, or has been, incarcerated.

A basic premise that we start with is the power and possibilities of change. Yes, "change" can be a scary word and for those working with our target population we know what you are up against...a population with little or no education, life skills, healthy family role models, or -- most difficult to deal with -- the lack of desire and / or or lack of knowledge to change.

You all have a very important job: opening the door leading to a positive and permanent change in the individual. Our materials and programs are designed to assist you with the key to do just that.

The materials in our books, videos , and seminars might be the one "button" that is going to help get your clients moving in the right direction.

Please call or write us if you have any questions about our services. We are happy to develop programs based on the specific needs of your facility or program.

Good luck in your endeavors in the important work you do! We happen to know first hand how important it is: without your efforts, Errol wouldn't be here to help out.