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• Develop materials and services designed to assist inmates, youthful offenders, and ex-inmates transition from "inside" to "outside" and to stay successful on probation or parole.

• Design materials to be used by correctional professionals working with inmates, youthful offenders, & ex-inmates in a variety of areas, including:
– how to reach & teach this population
– transition programs
– all areas of employment readiness
– keeping and being successful on the job
– interpersonal and communicative skills
– life skills development
– interviewing skills
– resources

• Training seminars for correctional education professional and related professionals in a variety of subjects, including:
– community corrections
– developing successful transition programs
– staying motivated
– dealing with special populations (older inmate, female, disabled etc)
– job fairs
– workforce development
– effective communication
– filing the gap between correction officers & teachers
– building a transition program

Call us if you have a unique training need and we will assist you in problem solving and coming up with a seminar designed specifically for your needs.

• Keynote addresses in a variety of areas specific to conference and seminar tracks, as well as organization needs.

The development of all of our training services and materials are initiated by Errol Craig Sull, president of The Correctional Education Company and with a very positive national and international reputation for developing materials and training that works for the corrections population.